Farmed Salmon versus Wild Caught Salmon

I’ve started noticing farmed salmon showing up in restaurants more frequently lately.  Of course, in Florida any salmon that comes from the pacific northwest is going to be flash frozen. However, I have tasted some superior salmon that was flash frozen in Alaska and then shipped to me in dry ice.

However, restaurants, for financial reasons I guess will frequently opt for farmed salmon on their menus.  And, while it’s not so common to see farmed (Atlantic) salmon in the pacific northwest, when one travels further into the interior of the country or out east, they are more prevalent.

I’d noticed that the taste was really not what I was used to but had assumed that it was a function of freshness.  What I’ve come to find out after conducting a little bit of research into it that the fish aren’t really the same thing.  Here’s a quick video that was put together by a youtuber. They obviously have an agenda, but if you doubt the veracity of this video just try a taste test for yourself.  The tongue doesn’t lie! 🙂

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